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FAQs | Aloha Rodeo Shirts

Q: What size shirt should I order?

A: This is always a tough question so we have a couple tables below with measurements to help you decide.  The intention of the fit is to be a relaxed comfortable fit but not too long or baggy.

Men's Shirts
Size Shirt Length Fit Chest
Small 30" 34"-36"
Medium 30.5" 36"-39"
Large 31" 39"-42"
Xlarge 32" 42"-45"
XXLarge 33" 45"-48"
Women's Shirts
Size Shirt Length Fit Chest
Xsmall 22" 32"-33"
Small 23" 33"-35"
Medium 24" 35"-38"
Large 24" 38"-40"
XLarge 26" 40"-42"


Q: Where are Aloha Rodeo shirts made?

A: We are very proud to say that Aloha Rodeo shirts are Made In The USA!

Q: Do Aloha Rodeo shirts shrink since they are 100% cotton?

A: If you follow the wash instructions on the label of the shirt there will be minimal shrinkage.

Q: Who do you use to ship your shirts?

A: We ship our shirts out using USPS.  If you need us to use a different method please let us know who you would prefer.

Q: Do you accept returns/exchanges?

A: There are no returns.  You can exchange the shirt for a different size within 7 days as long as you haven’t worn or washed it.

Q: How long does it take to receive a shirt after we order it?

A: We try to get your shirt shipped out within 1 working day of the order being placed and delivery time is typically 2-3 days.  If we are travelling for a pop-up shop at a rodeo or event it may take a little longer but we will get it to you as soon as possible.

Q: Do you have an ambassador program?

A: Absolutely, if you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Aloha Rodeo please send us an email with why you think you would be a good ambassador as well as your social media profiles.